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Get Festive Ready

If you are in the licensed industry then you can't start Christmas planning soon enough - especially if you want to make the most of as many opportunities as possible for your business.

First things first - make sure you check the Conditions and Seasonal hours attached to your Premises Licence. If you made use of Grandfather Rights in the change from the Licensing Act 1964 to the Licensing Act 2003, then you may have been stuck with some frankly archaic Conditions. There may be a restriction requiring you to close on Christmas Day between certain hours - which if you plan on serving Christmas dinner or just giving local residents somewhere to go to celebrate together - can be an issue.

This can be dealt with in two ways. You can apply for a Temporary Event Notice to extend your trading hours on a particular date. Or, you can apply for a Minor Variation and ensure that you never have this problem again. If you go for the second option it may be time for a full Licence Audit to see if there are any other Conditions that are no longer relevant. Email us for a quote on a full Licence Audit and application.

What are you planning for Christmas?

If you are planning to run party evenings - either private or public - then again you may need a Temporary Event Notice to cover extra hours or licensable activities. Make sure you check that everything you want to do is covered by your Premises Licence and if not ensure your Temporary Event Notice is lodged well in advance so you can start the all important advertising.

Are you planning a Festive Market on your car park? Every Local Authority will have different requirements in respect of Market Permits. It can be a minefield finding out exactly what is required but there will be information on the Local Authority website or you can email us for some advice and assistance. If any of the stalls are selling alcoholic goods, or you intend to have an external bar selling mulled wine - then you will need a Temporary Event Notice to cover this even if you have a Premises Licence for the pub itself.

From working with my Clients there is a lot that licensed premises can offer over the Festive Period, and plenty of ways to celebrate. It really is a Season where our struggling industry can push the boundaries and find new ways to entertain.

If you want to make sure that you are covered with anything you have planned then please get in touch with Indy Licensing and we will be happy to assist you however we can. Remember: we keep our prices low to support small businesses.

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