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Limit Your Events in 2024

Covid-19 Lockdown pretty much destroyed some of the smaller business operating in the licensed industry. With strict guidelines to prevent the spread of covid-19 the pubs and bars were forced to close their doors. The help received from the Government in financial terms was inadequate and when the doors were finally allowed to reopen many of the businesses had already admitted defeat.

The light at the end of the tunnel came with various amendments being made to how licensed premises could operate. It was stressed that these were temporary to help give businesses a chance to get back on their feet - this included Pavement Licences to allow businesses to trade outside, and also an extension to the number of Temporary Event Notices permitted every year.

On the 31st December 2023 the amendment in terms of Temporary Event Notices ceased to be in effect. I know many of my Clients utilised these extra dates to help grow their business in the wake of a very difficult period. The extra events enabled premises to pull in more private parties and run more special events to bring back the customers. The difference wasn't huge but it did help.

Unfortunately, going into 2024 will bring with it a return to the times of old in terms of Temporary Event Notices (TEN). So, for clarification these are the limits of TENS going forward:

  1. The maximum number of TENS submitted per premises user is 50 for a Personal Licence holder and 5 for a non-Personal Licence holder.

  2. A TEN may last no longer than 168 hours from the start time (7 days).

  3. The maximum number of TENS per place is 15.

  4. The maximum number of days per place is 21.

The capacity for a TEN remains at 499 and includes members of staff as well as customers.

If you would like to discuss any events you are thinking of holding then please drop an email to for advice and assistance.

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